Data is everywhere, turning data into knowledge requires scientific, systems, and business knowledge.  We can help you select or manage either an in-house knowledge management system or commercial software like MS Teams or Sharepoint 

Let us help you move your data to the cloud- MS Azure, AWS, and many more

We can help you convert, transform, standardize, and enhance your small and large data sets. If you need to convert your legacy data to databases like MS SQL server or Oracle let us help you with the conversion

Even if you don’t have the source code or file layouts, we can do cross-platform transfers of your data

Data Integrity

Excel is used by many people…

  • Excel to database migrations,  
  • Results can be quickly “massaged”
  • Presentation Ready (just because data is pretty doesn’t make it better)

  - that’s a problem.

Excel generally lacks the structured data rules, validation and controls found in databases. There may even be temptations to exclude data that just looks “bad”. How often has data been scrambled by the incorrectly sorting columns?

Some studies suggest 90% of Excel spreadsheets contain errors since there few data validation controls, limited quality control, and no audit trails.