Direct Marketing

Direct Marketing (Direct Mail, Direct Response Ads, Web, Mobile, and Telemarketing) gives you the ability to target a select group of prospects who share common needs and similar buying characteristics. The benefit of Direct Marketing is Lower Marketing Costs per Sale because you are advertising to only those prospects who are most likely to respond to your message-whether print or web. By analyzing the response to your advertising message or offer, you are able to determine both the level of success as well as the reasons for success. The information from this analysis provides a very valuable basis for future marketing.

No other advertising medium allows you to target specific groups or to measure the effectiveness of your advertising as accurately as Direct Marketing.

Matrix Marketing Services has the equipment, the personnel and the experience necessary to efficiently handle every phase of your Direct Marketing program. Make your next Direct Marketing program a success by talking to the Specialists at Matrix Marketing Services - Your One-Stop Source for Direct Mail Services.

Research and Testing

The key to successful Direct Marketing is Testing and Analysis. This process begins with Research, in which pertinent information is gathered and used in an intelligent, creative manner to determine and accomplish your marketing objectives.

  • Research- We begin by gathering information on your products, your customers and your competition, which provides the basis for intelligent planning.
  • Planning & Projection- We use sophisticated analytical tools to determine the extent of costs, profits and the overall success of your program before starting.
  • Testing- Successful Direct Marketing is always a test. Testing produces feedback, which directs your advertising and generates more information, which pays for itself in sales!
  • Consulting- Matrix Consultants are available to offer expert, technical advice and information on any phase of your Direct Marketing program.

Creative Services

Matrix Marketing Services offers creative services which maximize the impact of your message or offer. Our services combine proven Direct Marketing methods with creative expression, imagination and style, to produce brochures and mailing packages that get results.

Mailing Lists

Matrix Marketing Services uses a sophisticated database management system to provide the most comprehensive mailing list services in the area. We offer mailing lists that place your advertising message directly into the hands of highly qualified buyers.
Consumer and Business Lists and offer one of the most up-to-date lists of Wisconsin Businesses!

  • Customized  Lists
  • Data Entry
  • List Maintenance
  • List Storage
  • Personalized Mailings
  • Merge & Purge

Printing and Preparation

Once your piece has been carefully planned and designed, we use special, automated  equipment  to efficiently prepare it for mailing, saving you time and money.
Printing your mailing piece at competitive rates
Preparing your package for mailing:

  • Inserting Components
  • Affixing Labels & Postage
  • Sorting your mailing to maximize your bulk rate discount
  • Delivery to the Post Office