Microsoft SharePoint

As companies grow, management of Structured and Un-Structured knowledge becomes increasingly difficult using the traditional “Ask the Content Expert” or even the Folder, sub-Folder, sub-sub-Folder method. While files many remain when the content authors leave the company – the history is lost, the data accuracy is lost, the meaning of the data is lost. Researching the data or replacing the data can be very costly. Most of the time the data just sits out there on expensive hard drives just waiting to be thrown out.

Microsoft SharePoint is one tool to help you manage your enterprise knowledge.

  • Search for content/files
  • Record Metadata about Data
  • Dashboards for Management, Partners, Board-of-Directors
  • Collaboration (every authorized subscriber can see conversations)
  • Subscriptions Capabilities (RSS feeds- when content changes)
  • Document Check-in/out for editing
  • Workflow Processes
  • User Maintainable Websites
  • Web 2.0 – wiki, blogs
  • Project Management, Operations Management, Vendor Management
  • Human Resources, Training, Benefits
  • Surveys, Photo/image collections, Libraries

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