Database Management

Databases have existed for many decades, they are everywhere- On your desktop, In your Enterprise, on your mobile device.

In 1983 Matrix wrote a comprehensive DBMS for the Data General computers (a mini-computer company long since gone). Many vertical market software applications were developed using the Matrix DBMS (hey, it could easily do math on 1600+ digit numbers-maybe I'll release the source code as open source someday).

Matrix speaks database.

Our application development is database-centric from little databases to data warehouses. We also specialize in moving data from one platform to another.

For small organizations, Microsoft Access is a perfect solution. Many of our non-profit clients benefit from the rapid application development an low DBA utilization.

For larger enterprises MS SQL Server MS Azure SQL, and Oracle are the preferred platforms.

If your database application is no longer supported, out-of-date, poorly structured, or just doesn't work as desired, please contact us- we'd be glad to assist you.